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COMMITMENT   |   EXECUTION   |   RESULTS   is not simply a Slogan to print on business cards and marketing material, it is in our DNA and is what makes us unique. Our Team is built around, and guided by, these three principles.

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Commitment . . .

Whether you are a Customer, Supplier, or Aero-Glen Associate, you will be treated with respect and straight talk. We value human relationships over base transactions and know that the sustainable success of our organization is based on our ability to continuously meet the commitments we make.

From responsive and timely Customer Service, to reliable Quality and Delivery, each member of our team is accountable to do their part. Our Team will leave no stone unturned to assure that we deliver on our Commitments.

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Execution . . .

Execution starts with accountability. Each team member is held to the highest levels of individual ownership. Managing a growing business can at times be tricky. Increased transactional volumes and operational complexities can cloud focus and result in missed deliverables.

To mitigate these risks, we are a process driven Company. Our teammates work together cross-functionally to establish no nonsense processes with clearly defined objectives and role/responsibility assignments. We measure our performance and drive Continuous Improvement initiatives to keep us on track. Throughout, we embrace technology and view it as an enabler to enhanced process control and optimization.

All of this results in an environment of shared ownership and a clear-eyed understanding of our individual and collective performance. We are accountable to each other and laser focused on getting the job done right.

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Results. . .

Simply put, We Deliver on our Commitments. Aero-Glen’s Continuous Improvement and Process Based Culture is driven by a team of Exceptional People that have complete and unwavering buy-in to our Core Values.

At all levels of our Organization, we are accountable to our Customers, Suppliers, and to each other. We realize that any given Customers’ needs are unique and we will do our level best to understand how our organization can adapt to best add value to those needs. We celebrate success and strive to continually raise the bar. We are proud of our Company and welcome you to experience first hand Aero-Glen’s unique brand of service.


At Aero-Glen, we pride ourselves on the strength of our company culture and the opportunities we can offer for professional growth. If you are looking for a workplace that encourages initiative, accountability, and team-work, let’s talk. Please send us your resume today.

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